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Used Tires

The hazards of used tires include blowouts, tread separation, rim failures, and other catastrophic events. Each of these hazards may cause fatalities and severe injuries to the occupants of moving vehicles, but used tires can also cause accidents in vehicles that aren't moving. For example, some used tires may explode when they're being changed at a service station. They're known in the auto repair industry as “widow-makers.”

Tire Mileage and Tire Age

The sale of used tires is not closely regulated in the U.S., and consumers who are trying to save money by buying used tires instead of new ones may want to reconsider their choice. With used tires, a buyer does not know how many miles the tires have traveled, and even if the tires have been renovated or retreaded, they're still not necessarily safe.

In addition, used tires may be too old to use safely. Many vehicle manufacturers consider six years as the safe life of a tire, and these manufacturers (including BMW, Toyota, and Ford) state as much in their owner's manuals. Used tires may be older than six years, and thus present a greater risk of dangerous tire failure.

Manufacturer Group Warns Against Used Tires

Even the Rubber Manufacturers Association (which represents the major tire manufacturers) does not recommend that consumers buy used tires for their vehicles in most instances. Their “Tire Safety” publication states:

“Tires must be replaced when the tread is worn down to 2/32 of an inch. Use the penny test to gauge tread wear: put a penny headfirst into the tread groove — if you can see the top of Lincoln's head, you should buy a new tire.”

Even new-looking tires may be hazardous used tires, and/or they may be too old to use safely.

The Hazards of Used Tires: Injury and Death

Millions of used tires are currently in use on the streets and freeways across the United States. The used tire industry is huge, accounting for more than $10 billion a year. Unfortunately, these tires could blowout or fail at any time, putting both the vehicles' occupants and others in the vicinity in danger of a collision, rollover, or pedestrian accident.

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