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How to Determine the Age of Tires

The federal government requires that all tires sold in the U.S. contain a Department of Transportation number.

Defective tires are responsible for thousands of traffic accidents, injuries and deaths every year in the U.S. The Newsome Melton Law Firm in Orlando, Florida represents individuals and families across the country who have been injured or suffered a fatality due to defective tires.

Tire News

  • A jury recently decided on a judgment of nearly $12 million against Michelin, the nation’s largest tire maker, after one of the company’s Goodrich tires proved defective and was responsible for an accident that killed a family of six...

  • Federal safety regulators said yesterday that they are monitoring dozens of consumer complaints about alleged failures in a wide variety of Goodyear Wrangler tires, but they have not decided to open an official investigation.

    Over the past...

  • In 1996--faced with the same problem that would force a massive recall by Firestone--Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. changed the way it made some tires.

    The company added a layer of nylon between the rubber tread and steel belts on some...

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The Newsome Melton Law Firm is located in Orlando, Florida and represents consumers who have been injured by defective products.